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Newborn Portraits


I absolutely adore photographing newborn babies – they are just so tiny and beautiful, and there is something wondrous about the first couple of weeks.

My newborn baby portrait sessions are designed to be very relaxed and I work around the needs of you and your baby. We will take breaks for naps, feeds, nappy changes and anything else that your baby requires so that they feel calm and secure throughout. I can take pictures when your baby is awake and interacting with you, and also when they are fast asleep.

I bring a large collection of hats, headbands, blankets, baskets and other props with me, but also encourage you to collect a few bits yourself so that we can make these images unique to you and your baby!

I recommend photographing your new born baby within the first few days after he/she is born – ideally on days 4 – 7, but sometimes as late as day 10 is fine. This ensures that your little one is still very sleepy and maintains that newborn wrinkly look. A session usually takes between 2 – 4 hours, but being a mother myself, I know that babies don’t opperate on a schedule and if it takes longer, I’ll just have another cup of tea.

I want your pictures to be very personal to you, so the session will take place at your home or at a place that is special to you, or a combination of both. If we are taking pictures in your home we’ll move around the house, using different rooms to get different backgrounds and looks to your pictures. If the weather permits, we can even do a combination of indoor and outdoor photographs.

My aim is to help you remember their tiny features, fuzzy hair, and all that was new about them and when you look back on the images, bring back those amazing memories of when you first met. These fleeting first days should be captured and always remembered.


Investment starts from £245 – this includes a £95 session fee and £150 product credit.

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