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Anna & Steven’s {Village Wedding} with bunting and ice cream

Posted on Aug 18th 2011

Now some of you will remember their Pre-Wedding Shoot [here], and to say that it highlighted this as one of the weddings to wait for this summer is an understatement. The response I had from Facebook and Twitter was phenomenal!

The wedding day arrived, and I felt so excited. This wedding was different in so many ways. Anna did A LOT of the decorations herself, including what must be at least 400 metres of bunting, activity bags for the children, the reception flowers and placecards, and I’m sure many more things that I’ve forgotten to mention.

The whole day was to take place within a mile radius. Anna got ready at her Mum’s house, travelled 300 yards to the church. After the ceremony we walked a 100 yards to the village hall, and all of which is only about 200 yards from her and Steven’s house. I thought it was lovely as almost everybody knew each other and loads of people turned up outside the church to see Anna & Steven come out.

Other lovely details from the day, was that the couple had organised a vintage ice-cream tricycle to be outside the church when everybody came out after the ceremony, and this also kept everybody mingling by the church while we went off for a short drive in the country lanes with the truly magnificent Beaufort that they hired for the day.

I think the driver thought I was a little bit crazy when I asked him to park it in the middle of the road, on the crest of a blind hill on a small country lane, (We did take the best man with us to stop the trafic on the far side of the hill ;-)) but as soon as he ‘saw’ the image it was creating, he was there taking photos over my shoulder with his phone.
We also made it into a golden barley field, which Steven had assured me during the PWS, was going to be perfect and ripe by the time the wedding came around. Well, I suppose he would know, seeing as he is the farm manager and he probably planted it. 😉

By the time we got back to the church, everybody had started to wander down to the village hall and was enjoying drinks in the bar. Anna (and helpers) had done an amazing job with the hall and I heard talk of amazement at how she had done a fantastic job.

After a wonderful meal, the couple did their First Dance, not the The Wurzels’ – I’ve got a brand new combine harvester, although Steven did threaten to do that all along. I think the only thing that changed his mind was that he was not quite sure how to dance to it ;-).

After their first dance the pace of the music changed a bit and the barn dance kicked off in full swing. I have never seen so many people of all ages on a dance floor together enjoying themselves! A true success and a wedding that everybody is going to remember for a looooonnnngg time to come.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day, as always.























walkerW_22Back in July I had the honour to share and document Anna & Steven’s wedding day.


[Wedding Photographer Leicestershire]

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