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A fabulous {Framed Acrylic} wall piece as a favour for a friend

Posted on Aug 3rd 2012

A friend of mine came to me for help a few weeks ago. She wanted to buy a present for her brother and sister in law, in the form of a canvas of their favourite image from their wedding.

They got married last year, (I was not the photographer 😉 ) and had not gotten round to have any images transformed into wall art pieces for their home. Their original idea was to get a canvas, because that was all that they knew to ask for, but when I saw the image I recommended to rather consider an acrylic piece as it would suit the image better.

The image is of them driving away in their car with their hair blowing and balloons flying. There is a lot of motion in the picture and in my professional opinion, it would not have suited a canvas.

Different images suit different products! My clients would confirm that I normally, whilst going through their images at the viewing, say to them that certain images are ‘canvas’ images because it takes a certain style and type of image for it to work on a canvas.

I talked Jane (my friend) through all the options, and we decided on an acrylic piece for this image. And rather than just a normal acrylic, we decided to go for a framed acrylic which just oozes quality.

The characteristics of an acrylic, i.e.
* clarity,
* a bit of shine,
* a little translucent,
* and definitely unusual
definitely suited this image perfectly!

And finally, as with a canvas, you need to go BIG. ‘Bigger than you think you need’ – is always the case, otherwise you end up regretting it later.

When this piece arrived back at my studio, Jane was amazed (and overjoyed) by how well it turned out. And I was just really happy that I could help out a friend to make the best (informed) choice, with a little bit of guidance from me.

[Evesham Professional Photographer]

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