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{Hidden Treasures} Photos of my Family

Posted on Apr 27th 2012

Take the photo…. check.
Download and backup, incase something happens…. check.
Do something with it (like heaven forbid, Print, Frame etc)…. massive fail!!

There are thousands of photo’s on my computer, and no I’m not talking about my client’s/work photos, I’m talking about my family’s photos. Snapshots of the children with the little point and click camera, ‘proper’ photos with my big camera and photos taken with the mobile phone etc.

My family (in South Africa and Oz) cry out for photos of my children and my husband regularly chastises me for not ‘doing’ anything with our photos! He says that for all my clients I produce beautiful albums, canvasses and frames, but of our children there are 2 little photos in our house where Alyssa was 14 months and Ryan was 11 months old, (just so you know, they are now 6 and 4 respectively). And don’t get me wrong, I feel guilty about it and I know that it’s a crying shame, but life takes over and it keeps dropping to the bottom of the To Do List.

This is a story I hear from soooo many of my clients as well. Since the digital age, everybody takes loads of photos, but only the really organised amongst us ever prints them off regularly or ‘does’ anything with them.

So a couple of days ago I went looking for a specific photo that I wanted to use for my daughter’s show and tell at school and I got caught up looking at some of the photos I’ve got in our family folders, and it struck me that there are some real gems in there that has never seen the light of day. Now in my case, I want to work on them and make them look perfect before anybody ever sees them… and therein lies my downfall!! Family photos of everyday events and trips, shouldn’t have to be perfect (from a photographer’s eye), they only need to be used, shared and enjoyed. So I’ve decided that more of my photos are going to see the light of day. I’m going to start ‘doing’ something with them, and I’m also going to share some of them on this blog from time to time.

So watch this space and I’ll let you know how I get on.

Oh, and one last thing, when did you last do something with your photos? Leave a comment below and tell me what you ‘do’ with your photos!

Here are a few images I took during the Evesham Hot Air Balloon Festival weekend in 2010 (#hangsheadinshame) 😉

[Family Photographer, Evesham]

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5 Responses to “{Hidden Treasures} Photos of my Family”

  1. Adam Croft says:

    Hooray! Great to see these finally getting off the hard drive……..now for the walls of the house! And you need to let me behind the camera occasionally so that we don’t always look like a one-parent family in photos! Ax

    • Liezl says:

      I agree Adam! I need to feature in some of them, but can I trust you? 😉
      And as far as the walls go… that too will happen, all in it’s own time!

  2. Love these insights into your world Liezl. Maybe blogging can be what you “do” with your pictures?

  3. Yatak says:

    Beautiful photos and some great points raised. I love your work!

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